In September, 2015, Pantone released another seasonal “Fashion Report” around Fashion Week, where they reflected and reported on emerging top 10 color trends for the upcoming spring and summer. For the second season in a row, Pantone has deliberately chosen a gender neutral palette; they found no visible differences in trending colors for men and women.

To come up with the selection, Pantone interviewed key designers about their influences for the new season. As the world becomes increasingly busy and complicated, there is a collective desire to step back from the cacophony of modern life, to unplug and recharge. Whether the decor of a room or office, or the color of your favorite sweater, color is one of the biggest tools we have for affecting our mood and emotions. Therefore, responding to consumers’ desire for a little respite from the daily grind, this color palette is meant to transport us away to less “turbulent times”.

From our two colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, we have two subtle and calming shades on opposite sides of the spectrum. Brighter hues, like fiery-red Fiesta, eye-popping Buttercup, electric Green Flash, and fruity Peach Echo bring passion, energy and warmth to a cool spring. With sophisticated and modern neutrals like Lilac Grey and Iced Coffee, we may be able to say adieu to black for a few weeks. Two very different blues, aqua Limpet Shell and “maritime-inspired” Snorkel Blue, round out the selection.

Like most spring palettes, this color combination feels bright and modern. Looking for RGB and Hex values? Check out this handy resource.