Search Tips

Find the stock photos, illustrations and vectors you need with these search tips and tricks

Singular = Plural

Man equals men. Flower equals flowers, etc.


Using quotes on compound words (or in some instances Proper Names) will give you more precise results. For example: "black background" and "White House".


Looking for images of only one type of person? Try women only OR boys only. When looking for pictures of single objects or a specific number of people or animals, add quantifying words to your search query, such as: apple single object , woman one person , women only two people, etc.

For quantities of objects, use:
For quantities of people, use:
For quantities of animals, use:

Useful Keywords for Designers

Keyword List

Every enlarged image contains a list of its keywords. Click on any keyword to search by that word - and it will start a new search.

See a keyword list in any enlarged image window


To see images of oranges, use orange(fruit). To see images that are orange in color, use orange(color). In this case, the brackets are required. We support hundreds of homographs. Ask us about it!

Note: Homographs are keywords with the same spelling but different meanings

Model and Property Release

Model and Property Release status is visible next to the caption when you enlarge an image.

 A green check mark beside Model and/or Property Release means a Release exists for the image.

 A Red X means that a Model or Property Release does NOT exist for the image.


Not required.


Search for bridges or houses and you'll return images of bridges and images of houses, sometimes together.


Exclude subjects that you don't want to see by using the term not. For example family not male will return families without males.


We cover many human emotions with our keywords. Try the following:


Big picture keywords give you big picture results. Here are some of our broad topics:

Age Groups

You can use the following age ranges as keyword phrases:


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