Masterfile is a Stock Image Licensor since 1981

Our collection features millions of premium Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free photos and illustrations by world-class artists covering a wide range of subjects. We acquire, organize, distribute and license images for commercial use in media ranging from editorial publications to print advertising to websites. Our images are acquired under exclusive contract from professional photographers and illustrators who are paid a royalty every time an image is licensed. The images are stored digitally, showcased, licensed and delivered instantly to business clients worldwide via the Internet 24/7.

A global business

Masterfile’s corporate headquarters are in Toronto and we have strategic alliances with independent agents around the world.

There’s always something new at Masterfile

The constant interaction between its editors and photographers around the world, combined with the strategic addition of third-party collections, has the company adding thousands of high-quality images to its website every month to meet an insatiable market demand.

How clients license images

Clients acquire images from Masterfile either by searching on this website or else by calling or e-mailing us and using our free custom research service. High-resolution images can be downloaded from this website in minutes. Images are licensed, not sold outright. We and our licensors retain copyright of all the images.