When we think of an epic vacation—or any vacation—it doesn’t take long to think: Cha-ching! Everyone says they want to travel more but pinching pennies day-to-day to save enough for a big trip isn’t always realistic. Budget travel, however, has evolved over the past decade—in big ways. While working your way around the world with a pack on your back is still an option, there are many more creative ideas for those traveling on a shoestring budget, whether solo or with a family.

From crossing exotic locales off the bucket list, to marking important milestones, such as graduation or engagement, there are lots of reasons to travel. Whether a simple weekend away or a trip through Indonesia, the perfect time for travel may be between jobs, schools or relationships—natural transitions in life when people feel the need to get away.

Before figuring out where to go and when, would-be travellers need to have an idea of what they’re willing to spend. A quick look at weekly routines can show where to trim. From a twice daily gourmet coffee habit to expensive lunches and drinks after work, there are always ways to reduce spending. Putting money aside for a rainy day may be enough for a relaxing trip in just a few months.

Looking to reach the shoestring traveller? From backpacks to hostels and couch surfing and caravans, we can help you illustrate the budget travel lifestyle.