Sometimes we’re all just looking for a little peace and quiet. When you’re under a night sky and all is silent and hushed around you, what will be on your mind?

From the hectic pace of modern life to the constant buzz of social media, the world is so loud; the thoughts in our own heads are being increasingly drowned out. But there is something we can do to combat this. According to Leo Babauta, author of the blog ZenHabits, solitude is the number one habit you want to develop in order to cultivate creativity. He highlights quotes from creative professionals as well as the greats (Einstein, Picasso, Tesla) on the importance of solitude.

When the cacophony of the world fades, we’re much more receptive to our own thoughts and in tune to our instincts. At the end of what was a hectic and unsettling year for many of us, seeking solitude on a winter’s eve is a healthy way of finding our center, regaining equilibrium and recharging our creative batteries for the new year ahead.

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