From classic portraiture to a more authentic photojournalistic style, lifestyle photography captures everyday people doing everyday things. We’re freezing a moment in life.

While professional photo shoots are often heavily art-directed, they don’t always appear to be. Today there is definitely an element of serendipity to lifestyle photography, but regardless of the trend for a more natural style, many images are still carefully orchestrated: everything from lighting, backgrounds, clothing and activity are planned. Images can represent important milestones in life or look similar to snapshots, simply catching moments in the middle of real-life situations.

These images tell stories about people and about life. Incorporating images of people into your campaigns is an easy way to communicate emotions, which is great for building strong connections with customers.

Lifestyle images in stock photo collections are often aspirational and highly suited to advertising, as they make your message more relevant and memorable.

Looking to establish trust in the eyes of consumers? Don’t discount portraits even if they look posed. Images of people making eye contact can sometimes appear more trustworthy.

While model releases are generally available on a large majority of images in every license type, only our Rights-Managed image collection offers premium add-ons, like a history of where and when the image has been used. You can also acquire exclusive rights for a specific trade, territory, media and/or time period.