It’s no secret that we all get the itch to travel. But for millennials—according to one study—travel is seen an experiential investment, at once a necessity and an entitlement. As a Gen-Xer, I understand the first and wouldn’t express the second unless I was independently wealthy. (Since I’m not, I tend to save for vacations that never happen.) Gen-X and Boomers view travel as a treat and often don’t take all their allotted holiday time for fear of being thought lazy by their co-workers or bosses.

A different kind of fear drives millennials: FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.

Top millennial international destinations for 2017:
Skye, Scotland  ✈  Lisbon, Portugal  ✈  Split, Croatia  ✈  Iceland  ✈  Andalusia, Spain

Top domestic destinations:
Hawaii  ✈  Savannah, Georgia  ✈  Portland, Oregon  ✈  Denver, Colorado  ✈  Detroit, Michigan

Top Millennial Family Destinations:
Osaka, Japan  ✈  Bangkok, Thailand  ✈  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  ✈  Bordeaux, France  ✈  Athens, Greece

Top domestic family destinations:
California  ✈  Texas  ✈  Florida  ✈  North Carolina  ✈  Tennessee  ✈  New York

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