Around the world, as the year ends, we’re faced with the crescendo of major holidays. Whether secular or religious, so many days and events — from Samhain, Thanksgiving and Yule to Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night, plus Lunar New Year, Kwanzaa and Hogmanay — celebrate the harvest, the beginning of winter or the beginning of another year. Almost all involve eating good food, even if we sometimes have to wait for it. But that just makes it sweeter!

When we think about holidays, we often think of the gifts or the decor, but what’s really memorable is the food that accompanies it all. The mouth waters just to picture it. From cookies and milk to mince pies, from root vegetables to candy canes, from hot chocolate to gingerbread, every celebration has it’s traditional meals and special treats.

We’re most looking forward to homemade Christmas cookies, especially hedgehogs, which are just dates and walnuts smooshed together and covered in shredded coconut. Maybe you’re dreaming of saffron buns or pumpkin pie or turkey and ham. Regardless of what you’re waiting for (latkes? chocolate log cake?), we wish you the culinary best this holiday season!

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