If you look up “greenery” in a dictionary, you might find the word “verdure” which means “a fresh and flourishing condition”. After another crazy year (thanks, 2016!) it’s like Pantone is giving the world a giant reset button with 2017’s Color of the Year.

Greenery is a bright, punchy yellow-green, bringing to mind reinvention, personal growth as well as the world’s budding eco-awareness. But Pantone claims this particular shade of green has been popular in other hectic and disorderly times too. In 1908, the Woman’s Social and Political Union, combined bright green for hope with purple for dignity and white for purity. And the 60s were an explosion of color; lime green represented both self-renewal and positive social change.

For 17 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has inspired and influenced fashion, home decor and graphic design, giving designers and other color enthusiasts something to either salivate over or bicker about. In recent years, Pantone has had a bit of competition in the “color of the year” category with paint companies like Benjamin Moore and Shermin Williams announcing their own color trend predictions for the coming 12 months. So if you truly hate green, you’ve got some other options.

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