Every year, Pantone releases “Fashion Reports” where they report and predict the big color trends for the Spring and Fall. While we’re still trying to incorporate the Color of the Year into our wardrobes, homes and designs, we can now feast our eyes on the entire palette for Fall 2015. For the first time, we don’t have separate choices for men and women. Whether “earthy” neutrals or bold pops, the colors, Pantone claims, are suitable for both genders equally.

Trippy Cadmium Orange and upscale Cashmere Rose lend an energetic 60s vibe, whereas we get a distinctive 70s feel from homey Oak Buff and military-inspired Dried Herb (both reminiscent of 1970s kitchens). Modern neutrals, like Desert Sage, Reflecting Pond and Stormy Weather, feel very serious and enduring. Biscay Bay is a dirty teal, a more grown-up version of the turquoise shades of the last few seasons and Amethyst Orchid echoes last year’s Color of the Year with a vibrant twist.

Given the strong vintage influence, the colors in this palette feel surprisingly sophisticated and modern and we can’t wait to see them used in fashion, decor, advertising and web design.