Hailing from all over the globe, representing nearly every country, our award-winning artists produce stunning, high-resolution photography, using the best models, in on-demand locations or in high-end studios.

To showcase the work of these world class artists, we’re highlighting a subset of our premium Rights-Managed collection, 100% exclusive to Masterfile. Hand-selected by professional art directors and editors, these images are suitable for a wide variety of advertising and design projects.

It’s important to note that as a license type, rights-managed images are a little different than other stock images. Rather than being priced by file size, RM is based only on the planned usage. Extensive and highly customizable rights are available. Whether you need simple use for social media, websites or brochures or full exclusives and buyouts—you only pay for what you need and can download the licensed image in any size required, including super high-res. Another benefit of rights-managed content are the usage histories available, so you can find out where the photos have been used before—not something you can get for royalty-free images.

Meticulously art directed and styled, our exclusive RM collection offers hundreds of thousands of unique and relevant images on diverse subjects and themes, representing the best stock has to offer.