Smiling people over the age of 55, sometimes with friends or family, often outdoors. They’re physically active, hanging with family or tackling that bucket list—and having a damn good time doing it. Why do images like this appeal so broadly? They’ve got the money, honey. In North America, thanks to aging baby boomers—the biggest generation the world has ever seen—we’re in a “senior boom”. (Not that you should call them seniors, old or elderly. They don’t like it.)

By 2030, once the last boomer has hit retirement age, 20% of Americans will be 65 and older. This is good news for brands. First of all, that sense of entitlement everyone attributes to millennials? Boomers have it bad. They believe their golden years should be comfortable and easy and are not afraid to spend money to get what they want. Unlike previous generations, boomers aren’t particularly worried about leaving it all to their kids—and they’re rolling in it.

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