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Help them build the life they dream of. When advertising your products & services to existing customers and new prospects, show them the kind of future you can help them create. By using aspirational lifestyle images, with photos of people at different stages in life, your target audience can picture the possibilities — while building a lasting connection with your brand.

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a digital world

Online shopping. Showrooming. Mobile banking apps. Webrooming. Online orders with in-store pick-ups. For today’s connected consumer, armed with smartphones and tablets, it’s all about convenience. Choose images that show easy and casual integration of mobile technology in real-life situations.

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home first home

Home ownership. The ultimate symbol of financial independence and adulthood. It’s an integral life goal for millions and an important step in the pursuit of happiness. Show prospective customers that your brand understands their nesting dreams — and how your product or service can help them get there.

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travel boom

With active lifestyles and financial flexibility, travel is a top-rated leisure activity for boomers in North America today. They’ve raised their families and are retiring from their careers. Rather than a respite from the daily grind, they see travel as a way to gain new experiences. Help them get to where they want to go, with the peace of mind they need and the luxury they’ve earned.

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saving for the future

We can’t see into the future. But we can plan for it. Whether that’s saving for a new TV or a family vacation or for longer term goals like a new home, a college education or retirement. Your customers’ hopes for the future don’t stay static as they move from one stage of life to another. Show them their goals are within their financial reach and that you understand what they’re dreaming of today.

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family matters

Modern families are far more diverse today than a generation ago and continue to evolve. Reflect that reality with your image choices. Picture the unique needs of a multi-generational family running a company, the budget challenges of a single parent raising kids while working full-time or the financial worries of the next generation taking responsibility for the family cottage.

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looking forward

Picturing a future full of possibilities. Envision a farmer passing down the family farm, a couple dreaming of their retirement, a young executive embarking on a new career. Images of people looking away from the camera or off into the distance may evoke powerful feelings which can be associated with your campaign, like optimism, determination and hopefulness.

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and now new business

The look of modern business has changed. It’s more transparent, more easygoing. So choose pictures that keep it real. Look for brightly lit but less traditional workplaces, like home offices or warehouses. Show casually dressed people using modern technology but pen and paper too. Include real-life commuting and collaborative team meetings with everyday people.

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no business like a small business

Small business is where it’s at. Who says you need to work for the man when you can be the man? Or woman. ‘Nuff said.

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illustrating your pov

For many designers, photography is a safe bet—but that doesn’t mean illustration won’t fit the brief. If your product or service is cutting-edge or more abstract, your photography choices may be limited. Illustration can increase your options. Plus, a fun and unique visual style can make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace—and that’s a good thing.

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look them in the eye

When your brand is looking to establish trust in the eyes of consumers, the visuals you choose play a big part. Look for portraits of everyday people in casual, real-life situations. If they’re making eye contact, it’s more impactful. You want consumers to picture themselves in the visuals you’re choosing—making them more likely to listen to what you have to say.

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