Portfolio submissions

Thanks for your interest in Masterfile. We're not accepting any portfolios for review for the remainder of 2018.

General Information

We are an exclusive shop

Masterfile requires an “image exclusive” worldwide contract with each artist we represent, without exception. Image exclusivity allows us to offer world-class rights protection to our clients (RM), and a unique product line to our RF distributors. You will decide which of your images should be considered for RM and which are for RF. Of course, we do not allow similars to appear in both RM & RF collections.

You make the pictures, we take care of business

  • We edit, record, review keywords and archive your images for immediate worldwide commercial access (that one sentence represents hours of work for every image that we accept from our artists).
  • Our editing team resides in Toronto.
  • We do the file management, marketing, selling, billing and collecting worldwide.
  • We pay a royalty of 40% of the funds we collect every time an image is licensed - for both RM & RF licensing (our RF royalty rate is about double industry standard).
  • We track (RM) image usage and protect your copyright around the world.

Summary of Masterfile's Contract Terms with Artists

The following outline of Masterfile's contract terms is for reference only. It does not constitute an offer of representation. The outline is necessarily incomplete and does not affect the terms and conditions of a properly executed contract in any way. This information is subject to change without notice. The terms of individual contracts may vary from the information presented in this outline.

  • The artist warrants ownership of all copyright in the images and guarantees that they are original creations.
  • The artist appoints Masterfile as his/her exclusive agent for licensing accepted images (and similars) throughout the world.
  • The artist is responsible for captioning and delivering images in a manner that is defined by Masterfile.
  • Model and property releases must accompany the images, where applicable.
  • All accepted images are published on the website within approximately 90 days of initial receipt by Masterfile.
  • There are NO FEES to the artist for participation in Masterfile.
  • Masterfile reports all licenses issued for the artist's images each month, including relevant usage data to inform the artist of how his/her images are being used.
  • Masterfile pays a 40% royalty to the artist of amounts received from its direct clients (principally in Canada & the USA), its licensing agents and its authorized distributors. Royalties are paid monthly. The royalty rate is the same for RM & RF images.
  • The artist has the right to audit the accounts of Masterfile. If errors are found in an amount greater than 1% of royalties payable, Masterfile pays for the audit (it hasn't happened yet!).
  • The standard term of agreement is three years, subject to annual production quotas.