3 Collections: Different Licensing & Pricing Options

Premium Rights-Managed
Rights-Managed images are priced according to how the image is used. The more you plan to do with an RM image, the higher the price. For very small uses, RM images can be cheaper than Premium RF images. A Rights-Managed image's usage history can be provided, and exclusive rights to an image can be licensed.
Premium Royalty-Free
Premium RF licenses are subject to very few restrictions, which makes them very convenient when exclusive rights are not required. One payment allows use of the image in many different applications without having to pay residual fees. Premium RF images are priced according to file size.
Budget Royalty-Free & Subscription
Budget Royalty-Free licenses are less broad than Premium RF licenses but prices are lower and license terms are suitable for most users, making them very convenient and economical. Images are available singly priced by file size, or by subscription plan - pay once and download many images over the term of the subscription.

For more information on Masterfile's licensing options, please see our Licensing Explained.